"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

15. Brno – Czech Republic

2002/10/23 - 2002/10/25



Speed management strategies and implementation planning, evaluation, behavioural, legal & institutional issues

Organisers: CDV; SCHMEIDLER, Karel


Keynote Speeches

As an alternative to having key-note speakers, five speakers made personal statements about speed and speed management Click to download file!

Theoretical issues and strategies

To what extent can theory account for the findings of road safety evaluation studies? Click to download file! ELVIK, Rune
Vulnerable road users: new approaches needed? Click to download file! METHORST, Rob

Infrastructure planning and design

Schedules of traffic calming in the Czech Republic Click to download file! HRUBY, Zdenek; SIMONOVÁ, Eva
The main roads in urban areas – new methodology to their designing Click to see abstract! ABSTR
Click to download file! ABSTR
The use of indicators for integrated spatial and mobiltiy planning in European cities Click to download file! STEENBERGHEN, Thérèse; WALLE, Stefaan Vande

Measures and their effects

Acceptance of advanced assistance systems by Czech Drivers Click to download file! SCHMEIDLER, Karel
Special safety measures – arrested beds Click to download file! ROKYTOVA, Jitka
Zebra crossing and pedestrian safety management in road traffic environment in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria Click to download file! ODELEYE, Joshua Adetunji
Enforcement and traffic accidents: Recent experience from Greece Click to download file! BASBAS, Socrates; PAPAIOANNOU, Panos; TAXILTARIS, C.
The effectiveness of safety measures at railway level crossings on road user behaviour Click to download file! BAKKER, Paul; HORST, Richard van der
The program of road accidents’ prevention in the frame of Italian Panorama Click to download file! SARDI, Pierangelo; SIMONOVA, Zuzana

Speed behaviour

Aggregated measures of speed behaviour for evaluations of traffic safety measures Click to download file! ÅBERG, Lars
Stability in drivers’ speed choice. Click to download file! ÅBERG, Lars; HAGLUND, Mats
Considering the influence on driving speeds of “speed limit reminder” signs Click to download file! GITELMAN, Victoria; HAKKERT, Alfred Shalom
“intelligent.fahren” – experiences of the Austrian “Momo”-project in initiating a new way of coping with speed Click to download file! SCHMIDT, Günter A.; SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)
Speed behaviour monitoring in Estonia Click to download file! ANTOV, Dago; RAJESH, Thomas; RÖIVAS, Tiia

Different aspects of speed management

The role of seasonal speed limits in speed management Click to download file! PELTOLA, Harri
New strategies and methods for speed management in Norway Click to download file! JOHANNESSEN, Stein
Speed management in rail traffic Click to download file! ALPPIVUORI, Kari; PAJUNEN, Kirsi
The use of telematics for an intelligent speed management Click to download file! MAURER, Peter; PÖSCHL, Bernhard

Speed-related research and analyses

Analysis of road accidents on pedestrian crossings caused by speeding Click to download file! ROKYTOVA, Jitka; SKLENAR, Michal
Cost recovery system for speed camera enforcement – how it works to reduce casualties Click to download file! WADDAMS, Adrian E.
The effects of large scale use of active accelerator pedal in urban areas Click to download file! DRASKÓCZY, Magda; HJÄLMDAHL, Magnus; HYDÉN, Christer; RISSER, Ralf; VÁRHELYI, András

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