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Born 1949 in Lienz/Eastern Tyrol, Austria


  • Psychologist and Sociologist University of Vienna, Dr. Phil. 1977
  • Title of the thesis: “Influencing car drivers with the help of group-dynamics based training measures”
  • University lecturer’s exam (Docent) 1988
  • Lecturers thesis: “Communication and culture in road traffic”
  • Lectures at the University and Technical University of Vienna

Focus of work on attitude- and acceptance matters, marketing and motive-research, driver diagnostics and rehabilitation. One of the main topics of work is the development and use of instruments that allow an adequate research on human motives as a basis for social management

Professional activities

  • Work as a free lancing psychologist until 1979
  • Work at the Austrian Road Safety Board 1979 till 1987.
  • Lecturer at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Vienna since 1989 and at the Department for Technology and Society at the University of Lund since 1995.
  • Research fellow at the University of Lund, Department for Technology and Society since 1988.
  • Since 1988 owner of the private consulting agency FACTUM with focus on traffic safety research: work in several EU Projects, co-ordination of a COMMETT-Project, member of the co-ordination committee in the project WALCYNG of the DGVII, partner in MASTER (Managing speeds in Traffic on European roads); partner in the Leonardo projects UUU-link and SEQUI
  • Specialist on qualitative survey techniques, behaviour observation (Developer of the Wiener Fahrprobe and derivatives) and group-dynamics based creative and training measures. Extensive experience in managing and organising scientific and practice-related projects: EU-projects (among others together with the Institute of Technology and Society, University of Lund), national projects in Austria (Scientific research Fund, Traffic Safety Fund, Ministry of Transport and Science), in Germany (Federal Institute of Road and Traffic Research BASt) and Italy (Municipal Police in Piedmont).

Present work

  • Current research is focussing on the evaluation of transport systems with special focus on the users’ perspective (Austrian Traffic Safety Research Fund) and Co-operation in the evaluation of ISA in Sweden, in the frame of the Large scale evaluation project, Part Lund.

Training projects

  • Training for the application of the Wiener Fahrprobe at the University of Leeds, Institute for Transport Studies ITS 1998
  • Training for the application of the Wiener Fahrprobe at the Institute of Technology and Society, Lund


  • Secretary of ICTCT, the International Co-operation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety
  • Convenor of the Task Force Traffic Psychology of EFPPA, the European Federation of Professional Psychologists’ Associations (http://www.efppa.org)
  • Member of infar, an Association dealing with testing, training and rehabilitation of car drivers in Austria

Recent publications

  • HYDEN Ch., NILSSON A. and RISSER R. 1997, WALCYNG. How to enhance walking and cycling instead of shorter car trips, and to make these modes safer. Final report. Department of Traffic Planning and Engineering, Lund University, Sweden, and FACTUM Chaloupka, Praschl & Risser OHG, Vienna, Austria
  • RISSER R., LEHNER U., (1996): Qualitative issues of policy and policy objectives with special focus on public acceptance in: Review of Predictive Models, Deliverable D(F) in the frame of the EU-project TENASSESS
  • RISSER R., AUSSERER K., AUSSERER I., KOLDAS A., SCHMIDT L. 1997, Radeln statt kurzer Autofahrten, Radverkehrsf├Ârderung und gezielte Fahrradpolitik durch Kommunikation und Marketing als Beitrag der Stadtplanung zum Umweltschutz im Auftrag der MA 18 Wien
  • RISSER R., LEHNER U. 1997, Evaluation of an ACC (Autonomous Cruise Control) system with the help of behaviour observation. Presentation on the 4th. ITS world-congress, 21-24. October 1997
  • RISSER R. (Ed.) 1997, Assessing the Driver. Contributions to a workshop on Driver Diagnostic and Selection , March 17, 1997, Basle. Der Mensch im Verkehr, Rot-Gelb-Gr├╝n, Braunschweig 1997

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