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Born in 1956 in Benetusser (Valencia county), Spain                                                             Hector


• Psychologist. Licentiate in Psychology by the University of Valencia in 1981 (Licentiature Thesis in 1983).
• Doctor in Psychology in 1989. Doctoral thesis title: “Risk Perception and Decision-Taking in Simulated Situations of Driving”.
• University lecturer’s exam: 1988
• Associate Professor national exam: 1992
• Extraordinary doctoral award by University of Valencia, 1990
• National research award “Gonzalez del Pino”, Spanish Ministry of Defence, 1996.

Professional activities

• Professional Psychologist (1981-2000). Board member (1990-1996) of the official association of Spanish psychologists (Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos, COP). Representative in the Federal Coordinating Board of Psychology and Road Safety of the COP (1988-1996). International representative of Spanish associations of psychologists in the EFPA Committee on Traffic Psychology (formerly EFPPA Task Force on Traffic Psychology, 1995-). Treasurer and member of the Steering Committee of the International Cooperation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety (ICTCT) (2007-).

Academic activities

• Associate Professor of the University of Valencia (since 1992) in the Dept. of Methodology of Behavioural Sciences. Matters: Psychometry (psychological testing), Statistical Data Analysis and Computers. Responsible of the Psychonomy Research Unit of the Department of Methodology of Behavioural Sciences of the University of Valencia (Valencia City – Spain). Principal researcher and responsible on behalf the University of Valencia in several international research projects (SIZE, PQN, CONSOL,…).

Main Areas of Interest (current research)

• Area #1: Development of psychonomic resources (techniques and instruments of social and psychological measurement, tests construction, validity and reliability assessment, statistical and computer treatment of data, new technologies in Psychology, Psycho-informatics, electro-psychology, computational techniques,…).
• Area #2: Traffic and Safety Psychology (study and prevention of risk factors, incidents and accidents in vehicle handling, study of driver/pilot behaviour under risk conditions, efficiency and improvement evaluation of transport prevention measures, study of transport accidents, risk perception and take of decisions in traffic –ground and air- situations,…), measurement of risk exposition, prevention of occupational risks, evaluation of psychological damage due to accident or labour origin, ergonomy,…).
• Area #3: Human Mobility and Social Prejudice (study of the social and psychological aspects related with migrations and vulnerable groups, change of attitude, measurement of prejudice against different collectives, sex and minorities –racism, misogyny, homophobia-, blatant and subtle prejudice research, developing of acceptance and rejection indicators, study of the autonomy and life quality of elderly in the EU,…).

Publications (a sample of the latest)

• Monterde i Bort, H. (2004): Factorial Structure of Recklessness: To What Extent are Older Drivers Different?. Journal of Safety Research, 35, pp 329-335. DOI: 10.1016/j.jsr.2003.11.009
• Monterde i Bort, H. (2006). Secondary Prevention in Spain: The Spanish System of Medico Psychological Assessment of Drivers. In Nickel, W.R and Sardi, P. (Eds), Fit to Drive. Bonn: Kirschbaum Verlag GMBH. Pp 68-74.
• Monterde-i-Bort, H. & Moreno, D. (2008). Development of a Risk-Perception Scale Applied to Flight Safety. In Monterde-i-Bort, H. and Moreno, D. (Eds) Towards Future Traffic Safety Research. Valencia (Spain): Palmero Eds.
• Monterde-i-Bort, H; Frias-Navarro, D. & Pascual-LLobell, J (2010) Uses and Abuses of Statistical Significance Tests and other Statistical Resources: a Comparative Study. European Journal of Psychology of Education. Springer Link, electronic journal, DOI: 10.1007/s10212-010-0021-x.
• Monterde-i-Bort H., Johansson C., Leden L. & Basbas S. (2010) ITS and On-Trip Tasks while Walking. In Monterde-i-Bort, H. et al. (Eds.) PQN Final Report-Part B1-Functional Needs (Pedestrian Quality Needs, COST Project 358). Cheltenham, UK: Walk-21.
• Monterde-i-Bort, H. (2011) The Measurement of the Modern Prejudice: Against Elderly Drivers. 24th. ICTCT Workshop. Warsaw (Poland), October. Electronic Publishing in www.ictct.org

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