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Born 1957 in Hungary


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, Lund University, Lund, 1997.
  • Licentiate of Technology, Lund University, Lund, 1993.
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Lund University, Lund, 1988.
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Institute of Civil Aviation, Kiev, 1982.

Professional activities

  • Since 1988 employed full time at the Department of Technology and Society, Lund University.
  • 1998 – 2000 part time consulting work in a traffic safety project in Costa Rica, aiming at developing a remedial and preventive program for safety management of the road network.
  • 1982-1984: Aerodrome maintenance engineer at the Hungarian Administration for Air Traffic and Airports, Airport Budapest.

International cooperation

  • Member of the International Working Group for Speed Control.
  • Working member of the PReVENT/SASPENCE consortium in the EU 6th Framework Programme, since 2004.
  • Working member of the PROSPER consortium in the EU 5th Framework Programme, since 2003.
  • Working member of the MASTER consortium in the EU 4th Framework Programme, 1996-1998.
  • Working member of the European DRIVE/HOPES consortium, 1994-1996.
  • Evaluator of project proposals for the Belgian national programme in the field of “Sustainable Mobility” within the framework of the scientific support plan for sustainable development in 1997 and 2000.
  • Member of the Panel of Referees of the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention.
  • Managing the training of traffic conflict observers in Chile, Costa Rica and Hungary.
  • Presentations at appr. 30 international research conferences.


  • Member of FEANI, the Association for Engineers in Europe
  • Member of the Swedish Traffic Engineers Association.

Main areas of interest

  • traffic surveys
  • road-user behaviour
  • road safety measures
  • vehicle based speed management

Recent publications

  • Hjälmdahl, M. and Várhelyi, A. (2004) Validation of in-car observations, a method for driver assessment, Transportation Research Part A (2004) pp 127-142.
  • Várhelyi, A., Hjälmdahl, M., Hydén, C., Draskóczy, M. (2004) Effects of an active accelerator pedal on driver behaviour and traffic safety after long-term use in urban areas. Accident Analysis and Prevention 36 (2004) pp 729–737.
  • Hjälmdahl, M., Várhelyi, A. (2004) Speed regulation by in-car active accelerator pedal – Effects on driver behaviour Transportation Research Part F. Vol. 7, Issue 2, pp 77-94.
  • Hjälmdahl, M., Almqvist, S.,Várhelyi, A. (2002) Speed Regulation by in-car active Accelerator pedal – effects on speed and speed distrubution. IATSS RESEARCH Vol.26 No.2, 2002.
  • Várhelyi, A. (2002) Dynamic speed adaptation in adverse conditions. IATSS RESEARCH Vol.26 No.2, 2002. pp 52-59.
  • Várhelyi, A. (2002) Speed management via in-car devices: effects, implications, perspectives. Transportation 29: 237-252, 2002.
  • Várhelyi, A. (2002) The effects of small roundabouts on emissions and fuel consumption: a case study. Transportation research, Part D: Transport and Environment. Vol. 7, No 1, pp 65-71, 2002.
  • Várhelyi, A., Mäkinen, T. (2001) The effects of in-car speed limiters – Field studies. Transportation Research, Part C: Emerging Technologies 2001. No. 9, pp 191-211.
  • Hydén, C., Várhelyi, A. (2000) The effects on safety, time consumption and environment of large scale use of roundabouts in an urban area: a case study. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2000. Vol. 32, No. 1, pp 11-23.
  • Kallberg, V-P., Allsop, R.E., Ward, H., van der Horst R. & Várhelyi, A. (1999) MASTER – MAnaging Speeds of Traffic on European Rods. Final Report. Transport research, Fourth Framework programme, Road Transport. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.
  • Várhelyi, A. (1998) Drivers’ speed behaviour at a Zebra Crossing: a case study. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 1998. Vol. 30, No. 6, pp 731-743.
  • Várhelyi, A. (1996) Dynamic speed adaptation based on information technology – a theoretical background. Bulletin 142. Lund University, Sweden.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

October 23 – 25. 2002. Brno
The effects of large scale use of active accelerator pedal in urban areas Click to download file! DRASKÓCZY, Magda; HJÄLMDAHL, Magnus; HYDÉN, Christer; RISSER, Ralf; VÁRHELYI, András
2002. Nagoya
The effects of Large Scale use of active accelerator pedal in urban areas Click to download file! ALMQVIST, Sverker; DRASKÓCZY, Magda; HJÄLMDAHL, Magnus; HYDÉN, Christer; RISSER, Ralf; VÁRHELYI, András
1999. Kaiserslautern
Effects, acceptance and implications of ISA – results from research in Lund Click to download file! VÁRHELYI, András
1997. Lund
The effects of speed limiters in cars. ALMQVIST, Sverker; HYDÉN, Christer; VÁRHELYI, András


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