"Don't wait for accidents to happen"



Born 1962 in Palestine


  • 1985 B.Sc. in Civil Engineering at Jordan University
  • 1993 Masc. in Traffic and Highway Engineering at Jordan University
  • 2000 PhD in Traffic Planning and Engineering at Lund University

Professional activities

  • 1985-2002 work at Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Jordan in a number of positions. The work covers wide range of activities ranging from road-safety to pavement design and evaluation including traffic studies.
  • 2002-Present Assistance professor at Engineering Technology Faculty, Al-Balqa`a Applied University, Jordan
  • Consultant in traffic and transportation economic.


  • Jordan Pedestrian Society (2004)
  • International Committee on Traffic Safety Theories ( 1996)
  • Jordan Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents (1990)
  • Jordan Road Society (1990)
  • Jordan Engineering Association (1985)

Main areas of interest

  • Traffic safety:
    • The traffic conflict technique and its application in developing countries.
    • Road Safety Audits
    • Road user’s behavior
    • Traffic control devices
  • Transportation planning:
    • Travel behavior and travel demand
    • Transportation Economics
      • Pavement Design & Evaluation

      Recent publications

      • Shbeeb et al (2005) The Relation between Speed-Lane Choice and Road Accidents in Jordan. Driving Assessment Conference, Rockport, Maine, USA
      • Shbeeb and Hamamdeh (2005) Are overtaking maneuvers involving high risk in Jordan? ICTCT Extra workshop in Campo Grande, Brazil.
      • Shbeeb and Hamamdeh (2004) Investments on two-lane highway in Jordan. ICTCT workshop in Tartu, Estonia.
      • Shbeeb et al (2004) Accident under-reporting in Jordan. Jordan International conference on sustainable transportation systems, Jordan.
      • Awad et al (2004) Simulated written exam for licensed drivers in Jordan. Jordan International conference on sustainable transportation systems.
      • Shbeeb and Salim (2003) A study into pedestrian safety Problem in Jordan. Safe non-motorized traffic, 15th ICTCT workshop in Vancouver, Canada.
      • Shbeeb (2003) Swedish traffic conflicts technique use in safety evaluation: Its application in developing countries. Black-spots Identification Conference, Amman, Jordan.
      • Shbeeb et al. (2002) Traffic safety Audit in Jordan. Annual Jordan traffic safety conference, Amman Jordan.

      Publications at ICTCT workshops

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