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SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)


Born 1945 in Barsinghausen/Deister, Northern Germany


1970 Diploma in Psychology after studies of Psychology and Sociology at Marburg/Lahn and Freiburg/Breisgau with a certification paper on attitude measurement.

Professional activities

  • 1971-83 scientific employee at the Institute of Traffic Psychology at the Austrian Road Safety Board in Vienna. Leading part in the development and implementation of driver improvement trainings in Austria and in research on the topics speed, alcohol, attitudes towards cars, traffic and safety.
  • since 1983 lecturer for transport and environmental psychology, focussing on the gender perspective, at the Institute of Psychology at Vienna University, at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Bodenkultur at Vienna and for the ITS-course at the Technikum Vienna
  • since 1993 foundation of somo. social sciences mobility research and consultancy. The members of the team communicate and cooperate with other institutions and research teams in multidisciplinary national and international studies and in national and international working groups, e.g. on OECD, WHO and EU level.

Main areas of interest

  • psychological methods in traffic demand management (TDM)
  • promoting cycling, walking and going by train, tram and bus
  • socialisation and experiencing of mobility and modal choice
  • responsible acting and risk acceptance
  • innovative traffic safety measures, especially for children and young people
  • training of driving instructors, especially eco-driving

Recent publications

  • Moshammer, H., Hutter, H.-P. & Schmidt, L. (2005). Psychological and social aspects of “Transport and Health”. In Nicolopoulou-Stamati P., L.Hens & C.V. Howard (Eds.) Environmental Health Impacts of Transport and Mobility, 39-52. Dordrecht: Springer. Printed in the Netherlands
  • Schmidt, G. A., Schmidt, L. & Drunecky, G. (1999). MOMO – Modellversuch Mobilitätsausbildung in Schule und Fahrschule. In F. Meyer-Gramcko (Hrsg.), Verkehrspsychologie auf neuen Wegen (S. 447-454). Bonn: Deutscher Psychologen Verlag.
  • Schmidt, L. (1994). The significance of accepted risk and responsible action for goals and methods in psychological traffic research. In Trimpop, R. & Wilde, G.J.S.(Eds.): Challenges to Accident Prevention. the issue of risk compensation behaviour,. 45-50. Groningen: Styx Publications.
  • Schmidt, L. (1995). Mobilität – gesundheitsfördernd und umweltverträglich. In Keul, A. (Hrsg.).Wohlbefinden in der Stadt. Ökopsychologie und Gesundheitspsychologie im Dialog (S.112-136). Beltz, Psychologie Verlags Union, Weinheim.
  • Schmidt, L. & Littig, B.(1994). Umweltlernen im Betrieb am Beispiel der Verkehrsmittelwahl auf dem Arbeitsweg. In Flade, A. (Hrsg.): Mobilitätsverhalten. Bedingungen und Veränderungsmöglichkeiten aus umweltpsychologischer Sicht (S. 225-237). Weinheim: Beltz, Psychologie Verlags Union.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

October 23 – 25. 2002. Brno
“intelligent.fahren” – experiences of the Austrian “Momo”-project in initiating a new way of coping with speed Click to download file! SCHMIDT, Günter A.; SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)
2000. Corfu
Measures to improve transport safety as well as sustainibility – Two case studies Click to download file! SCHMIDT, Günter A.; SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)
November 5 – 6. 1998. Budapest
Sustainability, transport and wellbeing. New strategies enhancing walking and cycling. (the paper wasn’t presented at the workshop) Click to download file! SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)
1991. Vienna
Analysis of pedestrian-cyclists-interactions experiences with an investigation in vienna Click to download file! SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)
1990. Krakow
The concepts of risk acceptance and value orientation as pre-accident criteria Click to download file! SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)


somo. sozialwissenschaftliche mobilitätsforschung und beratung
somo. social scientific mobility research and consultancy
Sonnenweg 5
A – 1140 Wien
Phone: +43-1- 979 33 38
Fax: +43-1- 979 33 384
E-mail: lilo.schmidt@schmidt-somo.at

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