"Don't wait for accidents to happen"



Born 1958


• 2001 MSc Traffic Environment & Traffic Safety Management, Linköping University
• 1998 BSc Civil and Environmental Engineering, Polytechnical College, Oslo
• 1980 Undergraduate Diploma, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Trondheim
Professional activities
• Since 2009 University Lecturer in Urban Planning and Water Engineering, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering
• 2008-2009 Advisor, The Norwegian Directorate of Health, Public Health Division, The National Resource Centre for Participation and Accessibility
• 2004-2008 Guest lecturer/PhD-student, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning
• 2001-2002 Researcher, Institute of Transport Economics, Department of Safety, Security and Environment.
• 1991-2004 Traffic safety engineer, Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)
• 1980-1991 Municipal Planner, Water Engineering Consultant, Traffic Engineering Consultant


• Research Conference on Public Space, committee member

Main areas of interest

• Sustainable Transportation
• Sustainable Urban Development
• Inclusive Design
• Evaluation of local plans and planning processes
• Speed Evaluation
• Weather impact on speed
• Traffic Police Enforcement

Recent publications

• Evaluation of effect of traffic police enforcement on a local road, (Rydningen, U. 2002), NPRA Drammen, Norway
• Evaluation of effect of lowered speed limits, (Rydningen, U. 2002) NPRA, Drammen, Norway
• Road safety measures: a catalogue of estimates of effect (Elvik, R., Rydningen, U. 2002), Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo


Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering
E-mail: Ulf.Rydningen@hioa.no

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