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ODELEYE, Joshua Adetunji


  • Sex: – Male
  • Date of Birth: – 8th September, 1963.
  • Place of Birth: – Ilesa, Osun State.
  • Marital Status: – Married
  • Designation: – Principal Staff Development Officer

Educational Institutions Attended:

  • University of Lagos, Nigeria – 2008
  • Ogun State University, Nigeria – 1998
  • Ogun State University, Nigeria – 1997
  • University of Ibadan, Nigeria – 1987

Academic/Professional Qualifications

  • Ph.D. Transportation Geography
    University of Lagos
    Akoka-Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria – 2008
  • M.Sc. Transport Studies
    Ogun State University,
    Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria – 1998
  • PG Dip. Transport Studies
    Ogun State University,
    Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria – 1997
  • B.A. Classical Studies
    University of Ibadan, Nigeria – 1987

International Specialized Training Programmes Attended

  • 43rd UNEP/UNESCO/BMU International Short Course on Environmental Management for Developing and Emerging Countries-Sustainable Transportation, Technical University of Dresden, Dresden, Germany – 2007
  • Transportation Planning and Safety, India Institute of Technology (ITT)& TRIPP, New Delhi, India. – 2005
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Regulation of Transport Infrastructures, The World Bank Institute (WBI), USA. – 2004
  • Railway Safety Management, Scandinavian Railways Institute, Angelholm, Sweden. – 2002


Short–Term Visiting Scholar, University of California Transportation Centre (UCTC), Berkeley, California, United States of America. – 2007


  • Member, World Conference of Transport Research Society (WCTRS)
  • Chartered Member, Institute of Logistics and Transport (CMILT) UK
  • International Conference on Theories and Concept in Traffic Safety (ICTCT), Wien, Austria
  • Member, Special Interest Group on International Research and Learning (SIGRIL) USA
  • Member, Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) UK
  • Member, Transport and Social Responsibility Thematic Group, World Bank, USA
  • Member, Africa Chapter, Intelligent Transportation Systems, South Africa (ITSSA)

Thesis Title:

A study of Road Traffic congestion in selected corridors of Metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria.

Area of Research Interest –

Urban Transportation Planning

Published Conference/ Journal Articles:


  • Natural Gas: The Future Energy Option for Sustainable Urban Public Passengers Transportation in Nigeria. Paper accepted for presentation at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Nigeria Council Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE 2009)”Future Energy Dynamics: Sustainability, Research and Technology”, 3-5 August, 2009, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Millennium Development Goal and the Imperative of Clean Fuel Utilization in Urban Transportation in Nigeria. Paper accepted for presentation at the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) Congress ‘Alternative Energy Applications: Option or Necessity?’, 3rd-5th Nov.,2009,Kuwait


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  1. The New Mobility Agenda ThinkPad.
  2. Gender, Equity and Transfer Forum.
  3. Sustran- Discuss

Publications at ICTCT workshops

October 23 – 25. 2002. Brno
Zebra crossing and pedestrian safety management in road traffic environment in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria Click to download file! ODELEYE, Joshua Adetunji
2001. Caserta
Improved road traffic environment for better child safety in nigeria Click to download file! ODELEYE, Joshua Adetunji
2000. Corfu
Improved road traffic environment for better child saftey in Nigeria (not presented verbally) Click to download file! ODELEYE, Joshua Adetunji


Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT)
Transport School Department
P.M.B.1148, Zaria
Phone: 234-803-5905619
E-mail: joshuaodeleye@yahoo.com

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