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Born:  1977/12/20, Minsk, Belarus


  •  2010 Doctor of Philosophy, Lund University, Sweden (Traffic and Road Technology)
  • 2004 Master of Science, Linköping University, Sweden (Traffic Environment & Safety Management)
  • 1999 Bachelor of Technical Science, Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy, Belarus (Arrangement of Traffic and Management in Transport, diploma with distinction)
  • 1994  Polytechnic Lyceum, Minsk, Belarus

Professional activities

  • Senior lecturer at Lund University, Sweden
  • Senior Research Engineer at Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), Norway

Main areas of interest

Road safety in general and particularly of the VRUs, traffic conflict techniques and other surrogate safety measures, application of video analysis for traffic research



Publications (5 most recent)

  • de Goede, A. Fyhri, A. Laureshyn, T. Bjørnskau (2014). Exploring the mechanisms behind the Safety in Numbers Effect: a behavioural analysis of interactions between cyclists and car drivers in Norway and Denmark. International Cycling Safety Conference, Gotheberg.
  • Saunier, N., H. Ardo, J.-P. Jodoin, A. Laureshyn, M. Nilsson, A. Svensson, L. F. Miranda-Moreno, G.-A. Bilodeau, K. Åstrom (2014). Public video data set for road transportation applications. Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC. Contribution: preparation of the data, development of the data standard.
  • Nilsson, M., H. Ardö, A. Laureshyn, A. Persson (2013). Reduced Search Space for Rapid Bicycle Detection. International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM), Barcelona. Contribution: technical support of data collection, ground truth production, validation of the results.
  • Laureshyn, A., Å. Svensson (2010). Evaluation of traffic safety, based on micro-level behavioural data: theoretical framework and first implementation. Accident Analysis & Prevention 42, pp. 1637-1646. Contribution: the main idea of the paper.
  • Sakshaug, L., A. Laureshyn, Å. Svensson, C. Hydén (2010). Cyclists in roundabouts – different design solutions. Accident Analysis & Prevention 42, pp. 1338-1351.

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Publications at ICTCT workshops

October 2005. Helsinki
Behavioural studies based on individual speed profiles and automated video analysis Click to see abstract! ABSTR
Click to download file! Paper
Click to download file! Pres
October 26 – 27. 2006. Minsk
Assessment of traffic safety and efficiency with the help of automated video analysis Click to see abstract! ABSTR
Click to download file! Pres
October 25 – 26. 2007. Valencia
Automated video analysis for traffic research Click to see abstract! ABSTR LAURESHYN, Aliaksei
October 24 – 25. 2013. Maribor
How accurate are our measurements from video? Click to download file! Poster LAURESHYN, Aliaksei


E-mail: aliaksei.laureshyn@tft.lth.se

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