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JAMSON, Samantha


Dr. Samantha Jamson, CPsychol
Principal Research Fellow,
Institute for Transport Studies (ITS),
University of Leeds


BSc (Hons) Psychology, The University of Hertfordshire, 1992
PhD, Driver behaviour, The University of Leeds, 2001


Dr. Jamson is a Chartered Psychologist at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. She is Research Group Leader for the Safety Group, a multidisciplinary team undertaking research in road safety and driver behaviour. With over ten years experience in the field, she has worked on a variety of research projects using driving simulators and instrumented cars as evaluation tools. She has been principal investigator on a range of projects, including evaluations of Transport Telematics applications, road design, and driver impairment. She managed a European project developing metrics for driver distraction and has since been involved in further national and European projects to extend this work. Samantha is a member of the British Standards group on Human Machine Interface issues and the Institution of Highways Engineers (Health and Safety) working group. She recently chaired a European Working Group on motorcycle safety, delivering high-priority research needs to the European Commission. Her research involves collaboration with national and international policymakers (Department for Transport, Highways Agency, European Commission) and she represents the University on their national research frameworks.


Supervision of MSc dissertations (Transport Planning and Engineering) and PhD Students in the field of vehicle automation and driver performance.


Member of the British Psychological Society
Member of the BSI Committee EPL/278


Jamson, S.L.; Tate, F.N.; Jamson, A.H. (2001). Bilingual Variable Message Signs: A Study of Information Presentation and Driver Distraction. 1st International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training and Vehicle Design, Aspen, Colorado , pp.153-158.

Jamson, S.L. (2004). Evaluation of techniques to improve the legibility of bilingual Variable Message Signs. Advances in Transportation Studies, IV, pp.71-88.

Jamson, S.L., Tate F.N. and Jamson, A.H. (2005) Evaluating the effects of bilingual traffic signs on driver performance and safety. Ergonomics, 48 No 15, pp 1734-1748

Jamson, S.L. (2006). Would those who need ISA, use it? Investigating the relationship between drivers’ speed choice and their use of a voluntary ISA system – Transportation Research Part F Vol 9 (3) pp 195-206.

Jamson, S.L and Jamson, A.H. (2006). Safety implications of a pedestrian protection system – the driver’s point of view. International Journal of Vehicle Design , Human Factors Special Issue. International Journal of Vehicle Design, 45(3), pp.397-410.

Jamson, S.L., Wardman, M.R., Batley, R.P. and Carsten, O.M.J. (2007) Developing a driving Safety Index using a Delphi stated preference experiment. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 40(2), pp 435-42.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

2002. Nagoya
Investigating the relationship between drivers’ speed choice and their use of a voluntary ISA system Click to download file! JAMSON, Samantha


Institute for Transport Studies; University of Leeds
United Kingdom
34-40 University Road, LS2 9JT Leeds
Phone: +441133436606
Fax: +441133435334
E-mail: S.L.Jamson@its.leeds.ac.uk

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