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HOLLÓ, Péter


Born 1946 in Miskolc, Hungary


  • 1973 Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Budapest, Technical University
  • 1979 Master’s Degree in Economic Engineering, Budapest, Technical University
  • 1987 Candidate’s Degree in Transportation Engineering, Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 1992 Certificate of Award of the Designation of European Engineer, FEANI
  • 1996 Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering, Budapest, Technical University
  • 2000 D.Sc. in Transportation Engineering, Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Professional activities

  • 1967-1971 Officer in charge of technical matters for Motor Vehicle Commercial Agency “AUTÓKER”
  • Since 1971 engaged as a research worker at the Institute for Transport Sciences (KTI); from 1996 in the position of Scientific Counsellor as the Head of Department for Road Safety and Traffic Engineering

Main areas of interest

  • methodological road safety questions in international comparison,
  • before/after-investigations of road safety countermeasures,
  • cost/benefit analyses of road safety countermeasures,
  • elaboration of road safety programmes,
  • analysis of the causes and types of road accidents, statistical analysis of the road accident data,
  • elaboration of road safety countermeasures.


  • member of the Editiorial Advisory Board of the international scientific journal “Accident Analysis & Prevention”
  • member of the Operational Committee of IRTAD (International Road Traffic and Accident Database)
  • acting member of the Board of FERSI (Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes)
  • member of the PIARC (World Road Association) C18 Committee (Risk Management for Roads)
  • member of the Committee for Transport Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • foundation member and vice-president of the Hungarian Society for Traffic Safety
  • member of the presidency of the Hungarian Society for Transport Sciences

Recent publications

Péter Holló, Ph.D.; Katalin Kajtár, CVS: A technical and economical efficiency analysis of the different types of expressways using the method of value analysis.
SAVE International Proceedings, 2001 Annual Conference, May 6-9, 2001, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Volume XXXVI, CD-ROM.

Péter Holló, Dr. – Katalin Kajtár – János Schváb, Dr.: Cost effective possibilities of preventing tree collision road accidents.
“On Safe Roads into the XXI. Centrury”, Conference, 24-26 October, 2000, Budapest, Hungary. Proceedings,
Meeting Budapest Ltd., Budapest, 2000, CD-ROM.

Péter Holló, Ph.D.: Relationship between motorisation and fatality rates based on IRTAD data.
International Seminar on Road Traffic and Accident Data Needs for the New Century, Vienna, 25-26 September 2000, Proceedings.
Austrian Road Safety Board, Vienna, 2000, CD-ROM.

Péter Holló, Ph.D. – Katalin Kajtár, CVS: Rutting Survey with Value Analysis.
SAVE International. Annual Conference Proceedings, Volume XXXV, June 25-28, 2000, Reno, Nevada, U.S.A., pp. 98-104.

Péter Holló: Changes in driver behaviour related to road safety in Hungary in recent years. Second European Road Research Conference, 7-9 June 1999, Brussels, Proceedings, European Commission DG VII – Transport, 1999, CD-ROM.

Péter Holló: Changes in the legislation on the use of daytime running lights by motor vehicles and their effect on road safety in Hungary, Accident analysis and Prevention, Vol. 30, No. 2., March 1998, pp. 183-199.

Péter Holló: Road Safety in Hungary. Changes in the road safety situation in Hungary in 1996. Nordic Road Safety Days 1998, Borupgaard, Snekkersten, Denmark, 10-11 March, 1998, pp. 1-15.; 1-2.

Péter Holló: The Role of Motorisation Level in International Comparisons of Road Safety. The Fourth International Conference on Safety and the Environment in the 21st Century, November 23-27, 1997, Tel- Aviv, Israel, Proceedings, pp. 144-154.

Péter Holló; T. Siska: In-depth analysis of frontal vehicle collisions utilising original police accident reports. Proceedings of the Conference “Traffic Safety on two Continents”, Lisbon, Portugal, September 22-24, 1997, VTI konferens, 9A, Part 6. 1997, pp. 117-130.

Péter Holló; Road Safety in Hungary. Proceedings of the Conference “Road Safety in Europe”, Birmingham, United Kingdom, September 9-11, 1996, VTI konferens, No. 7A, Part 3. 1996, pp. 201-215.

Author of 170 articles and 85 research reports

Publications at ICTCT workshops

1995. Paris
Observation of elderly pedestrians on signalized crossings and of jaywalkers in the vicinity of pedestrian subways Click to download file! HOLLÓ, Péter; PAPP, Irén; SISKA, Tamás


Institute for Transport Sciences Ltd.
H-1518, Budapest, P.O.B. 107.
Phone: +36 1 205 5932
Fax: +36 1 205 5951
E-mail: hollo@kti.hu

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