"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

DANNO, Mikio


Born in Kure, Hiroshima, Japan


• B.A (Commerce) , Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)
• M.A (Economics), Bombay University (Mumbai, India)
• Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science (Human Information Science), Chiba University (Chiba, Japan)

Professional activities

• Consultant (Economic and Financial Evaluation) in the Transportation and Telecommunication Project for Oversee Development Assistance by Japan
• Senior Researcher (Market Analysis and Survey) in the Telecommunication Market
• Senior Researcher (Market and Technology Survey) in the Automotive Market
Main areas of interest
• Traffic Psychology and Driver Behaviour
• Cognitive Sciences in Traffic Safety
• HMI in Driver Assistance System


• Member of ICTCT (International Co-operation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety)
• Member, The Japanese Association of Traffic Psychology
• Member (Individual ) of ITS Japan
• Member, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan. Inc.
• Member, The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research


• Danno, M. (2011). Detection of Dangerous Drivers using the Empathizing-Systemizing theory and the measurement of Driver’s Visual Attention Capabilities with Real-time UFOV Method, Proceedings of the 24th ICTCT Traffic Safety Workshop in Warszawa
• Danno, Kutila, M., Kortelainen, J. (2011). Measurement of Driver’s Visual Attention Using Real-time UFOV Method, International Journal of ITS Research, ITS Japan, Vo. 9, No. 3.
• Danno, M., Wakabayashi, A. (2010). Neuropsychological Approach to identify the Risky Driving Behaviors, IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. 25 no. 5, PP 91-96.
• Detection of Driver’s Cognitive Distraction by Means of Using AdaBoost with physiological Signals (2009), Information Processing Society of Japan, vol. 50, No. 1, PP 171-180.
• Chan, C., Danno, M. (2008). Risk Assessment of Intersection Safety Countermeasures with the Use of Field Data, International Journal of ITS Research, Vol. 6, No.1, PP 37-45.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

October 27 – 28. 2011. Warsaw
Detection of Dangerous Drivers using the Empathizing‐ Systemizing theory and the measurement of Driver’s Visual Attention Capabilities with Real‐time UFOV Method Click to download file!
Click to download file!
DANNO, Mikio


Toyota InfoTechnology Center, Co., Ltd
6-6-20, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052 Japan
E-mail: danno@jp.toyota-itc.com


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