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Born 1953 in Tyringe, Sweden


  • B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Haessleholms Institute of Polytechnics, Sweden
  • M.Sc. in Traffic Engineering, Physical Planning and Development studies, University of Lund, Sweden
  • Doctoral courses in Traffic Engineering- and Physical Planning, University of Lund

Professional activities

  • Full time position at Department of Technolgy and Society, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University as a Senior Research Scientist, in the Road Safety Group under scientific leadership of Professor Dr. Christer Hydén.
  • Widely involved in development and evaluation of ITS solutions for improved road safety, in specific Speed Adaptataion systems for motor vehicles. The projects carried out in this area at the department can be looked upon as pioneer work from which experience has been implemented in many other countries.
  • Specialist on the Traffic Conflict Technique, TCT, which is a measuring method where road safety and risks are described in mathematical terms. The development of the technique like automatization of the data collection and the traffic safety theories linked is an ongoing work, where experience from different geographical and cultural areas around the world are included.
  • Extensive experience from leadership of training of staff for carrying out TCT-studies in Sweden, Europe, Latin America and Asia. This also include adaption of practise on how to use the TCT-method in new environments.
  • The research group were honoured with the Volvo Traffic Safety Award 1991, for the development of the Swedish Traffic Conflicts Technique, as a method for risk assessment in real traffic.

Employment Record:

1978 – to date Lund University, Senior Research Scientist; Evaluation of traffic safety aspects on Advanced Transport Telematics (ITS) in different applied projects for a doctoral degree. University lecturer in road safety related subjects for MSc-students and in multidisciplinary training programe for proffesionals from developing countries.
1997 Trivector System AB:
2002 Part time project manager at the development company Trivector System AB, Lund, Sweden, with special interest in ITS project for efficiency and safety in road traffic. Implentation projects concerning real-time based information system for public transports, position systems and speed adaptation projects

Special assignments:

2001 USP, Săo Carlos, Brazil. Guest professor. Responsible for a traffic safety course for students at post graduate level.
2000 Road Safety Project Jamaica. SweRoad, Solna Sweden; Black Spot Specialist,
1998 University of Săo Paulo, Brazil, Guest professor at the Traffic Research Laboratory, Department of Traffic Engineering
1997 Road Safety Master Plan Project, Thailand. SweRoad, Solna Sweden, Conflict Study Expert/Black Spot Specialist,
1997 Swedish National Road and Transport Institute Development Agency (VTI), Lecturer in Brazil, International course in Traffic Safety Management, Traffic Safety Expert; Transferring of traffic safety related know-how to key actors in developing countries administrations.
1996 Swedish National Road and Transport Institute Development Agency (VTI), Lecturer in Panama International course in Traffic Safety Management, Traffic Safety Expert; Transferring of traffic safety related know-how to key actors in developing countries administrations.
1996 Trivector AB, Consultant/Traffic Safety Expert; Evaluation of traffic safety effects of newly introduced physical implementations as environmental adapted reconstructed main roads in urban areas.
1994 Traffic Safety Expert; Project Manager for traffic safety field operations in Jamaica.. SweRoad.
1993 Lund Centre for Habitat Studies (University of Lund), Traffic Safety Expert, Project Manager for traffic safety field operations in Bolivia.

Main areas of interest

  • Traffic safety in built-up areas
  • Traffic Conflicts Technique
  • Problems and solutions concerning vehicle speeds in built-up areas, ITS and Speed Adaptation
  • Communication processes between road users

Recent publications

  • Hjälmdahl, M., Almqvist, S.,Várhelyi, A. (2002) Speed Regulation by in-car active Accelerator pedal – effects on speed and speed distrubution. IATSS RESEARCH Vol.26 No.2, 2002
  • Almqvist, S. 2002. The effects of an active accelerator pedal in cars. XVI Congresso da ANPET. Brazil
  • Várhelyi, A; Hydén, C; Hjälmdahl, M; Almqvist, S; Risser, R; Draskóczy, M:2002 Effekterna av aktiv gaspedal i tätort : sammanfattande rapport LundaISA. Lund University.
  • Várhelyi, A; Hjälmdahl, M; Almqvist, S. 2002. Effekterna av aktiv gaspedal pĺ körmönster. Rapport 13 LundaISA. Lund University.
  • ALMQVIST S. & NYGĹRD M. 1997. Dynamic speed adaptation. Field trial of automatic speed regulation in built-up areas. Bulletin 154. Lund University.
  • ALMQVIST S. 1993. Speed limiters for cars. A field study of driving speeds, driver behaviour, traffic conflicts and comments in town and city traffic. University of Lund, Lund Institute of Technology
  • ALMQVIST S. & HYDÉN C. & RISSER R. 1990. A speed limiter in a car: phase II, Effects on drivers behaviour and interaction, University of Lund, Lund Institute of Technology

Publications at ICTCT workshops

2005. Campo Grande
Traffic Conflict Technique – A useful tool for safety assessment in traffic ALMQVIST, Sverker
2002. Nagoya
The effects of Large Scale use of active accelerator pedal in urban areas Click to download file! ALMQVIST, Sverker; DRASKÓCZY, Magda; HJÄLMDAHL, Magnus; HYDÉN, Christer; RISSER, Ralf; VÁRHELYI, András
1997. Lund
The effects of speed limiters in cars. ALMQVIST, Sverker; HYDÉN, Christer; VÁRHELYI, András


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