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Journal Social sciences – special issue

Journal Social sciences

Special issue: “Public transport and social psychology”

Hosting editors: Prof. Ralf Risser, Matus Sucha, PhD.

To achieve (more) sustainable mobility is a most important goal in times of global warming, knowing that transport in its present form contributes considerably to this climate development. In order to reach this goal, the mobility behaviour of people has to change. Societies may want to take steps in order to enhance such a change in the behaviour of their citizens. Among other things, the use of public transport instead of cars will be one goal. Steps addressed to citizens to this end will have the goal of gaining a better understanding of the motives lying behind their mobility behaviour and to find ways to convince them to change it. In this connection there is a need to make use of psychology, more specifically social and traffic psychology, among other things.

What are the attitudes of the citizens towards public transport in different societies? What barriers to its use can be identified? Are there types of lifestyles that are not compatible with the use of public transport? What is the role of prejudices concerning public transport? If such prejudices can be identified, what is their origin? What can be done to convince people to change their mobility behaviour? Can marketing models be made use of with success?

Papers that deal with these questions and that make use of theories and methods from the area of social and traffic psychology will be accepted for being reviewed and eventually published, given the approval of the reviewers.


More information and submissions:


31 Porto – Portugal

The next ICTCT conference will be held in Porto, Portugal on 25/26 October 2018

Topic: On the track of future urban mobility: safety, human factors and technology

Call for abstracts can be found here piktogramm_pdf

The deadline for submitting an abstract is extended to 1st June 2018.

Conference website: www.fe.up.pt/ictct2018

A special issue in Safety Research is organised so that presenters can publish their paper there. The Call for the special issue will follow soon….

The workshop will be organised in close co-operation with the Research Centre for Territory, Transports and Environment of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (www.fe.up.pt) in Porto, Portugal.

ICTCT will organise the 12th ICTCT Early Career Researcher Course on 23rd and 24th October 2018. Please find the information/registration document here piktogramm_pdf.

The mission with the ECRC is to give the participant a coherent view into traditional and modern traffic safety theory, methods and solutions and to have a clear understanding of the importance of the institutional framework in order to be able to make a difference in the traffic safety work subsequently. It is hoped that at the end of the course, participants will be able to situate their own work within a broader framework, and will find it easier to communicate with researchers from other disciplines.


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